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Hobbyists, newbies, couples and really anyone looking for beautiful women to spend time with, your search for the perfect source of Las Vegas escorts is over. With dozens of beautiful women, each of whom specialize in different services, you will find the perfect match. As unique individuals, we understand you have unique tastes.

It is why we have gone to great lengths in searching for top tier talent in Vegas. No matter how unique or unusual, you come to Sin City for the very best, and you deserve the very best. Welcome to the very best – and the last – website you’ll ever use to find Las Vegas escorts.

Escort Isn't the Taboo of Old

The word "escort" is tossed around frequently, yet it often is used out of context, or even in a derogatory form. Individuals who do not understand the industry typically use it to describe a woman who uses it as a front for prostitution. As someone who is conducting shady business behind closed doors. The fact of the matter is being an escort is as on the up and up as any other legal profession, be it gas station attendant or bank clerk (only far more sexy). So no matter if this is your first time considering an escort or it has become second nature, do not worry; booking an escort is possibly the most fun you'll have in Vegas and it is all on the right side of the law.

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What is an Escort

An escort is not a prostitute. Let’s just throw that out there right off the bat. A prostitute is someone who you are paying for a very specific service. A Las Vegas escort is very different from that. An escort is a beautiful girl you pay for her time. That is it. You want to spend six hours with a girl? You pay for six hours. Anything that happens between the two of you during these six hours? Well that is between the two of you. After all, you are two consenting adults and are old enough to make your own decisions. It really is no different than any other professional who you pay by the hour. Maybe you pay a therapist for an hour at a time. Whatever happens behind that closed door is up to the two of you.

Prostitution is Legal…Kind Of

You may have heard somewhere down the grape vine that prostitution is legal here. That is kind of true. You see, yes, in certain areas you can pay for a prostitute in Nevada. The thing is, the city of Las Vegas is not such a location. You can go right outside the city and find “Las Vegas brothels.” These locations are dubbed “Las Vegas” because it just isn’t as sexy as the actual town name. Probably more importantly, it doesn’t appear in Google search results (that all mighty search traffic is important to prostitutes as well). That is why you might find such listings online. But in terms of prostitution within the city, it is as illegal as where you are from.

Be Up Front With the Kind of Girl You Are Looking For

Probably the most important thing you can do is being up front when you call the escort service. We have girls who specialize more in the kind of physical activities you might be interested in, and then we have girls who are there for the date and to have fun, but may not be able to hold a conversation about a certain topic or who won't be as great if you want to hit up a cosplay or other event. We know our girls and we know what they are able to do and what they specialize in. Letting us know some of this ahead of time can really help us with sending you the right girl so you can have a blast.

That is why you need to say exactly what you are looking for. Do you want a Las Vegas massage full service experience? Maybe there is a certain kind of massage you'd like and you want to know who is able to deliver the best experience (or heck, who has the smallest or largest hands...if you have a preference for this kind of a thing). You don’t need to go into graphical detail of every single move you’d like to do, but by letting the Las Vegas escort service know, it can be more or less arranged with the right girl. At this time, make sure to indicate the kind of girl you’d like as well. Want a girl with a sweet Jello booty? Say something. Have a thing for Asian girls so you can take advantage of that Asian massage Las Vegas service? Bring that up as well. The more info about the girl you give, the better the match will be.

When you call in, you’ll be asked (typically) for your hotel name, room number and name you are booked under. This is simply to make sure the escort service can confirm you are who you say you are. You wouldn’t believe how many prank calls come in (it’s pretty frequent).

Just the Tip

In the service industry, a tip is a customary way of showing someone they did a job well done. An escort, naturally, is part of the service industry, but forms of payment are more similar to how strippers make money. No, you aren’t going to be tricked into a half-dozen dances after having too many drinks. However, the prices listed on a service website does not typically go towards her. This is often just the service fee, which she has to pay back to the service for setting the two of you up. Think of it as an agent fee.

So, the Las Vegas call girls (if you’re feeling extra spicy to go with two) arrive at your hotel room. You have to pay up the service fee cash up front before anything moves forward. Kind of like going to the county fair. You pay to get in, and then have to pay to ride the rides. This is just a better version of the county fair. It may actually take a few cracks at this to discover what an appropriate “tip” is for her services, and it will vary from one girl to the next, but you’ll get it figured out easy enough.

What Services Can You Expect

So you’re new to the world of escort girls in Vegas and you don’t really know what kind of services they offer. Well, if your imagination can think of it, as long as it is safe to the girls, chances are it can happen. Sin City escorts wear many hats and excel at all sorts of different services. While you may have more specific ideas, here are a handful of the most popular options.


Good old fashion stripping. Nothing wrong with taking your Las Vegas bachelor party to the next level. After all, you don’t need to head off into the Las Vegas nightlife in order to experience a quality stripper. Whether you want a girl who can do a private lap dance for you or you want the girls direct to you to have a good time with the man of honor, stripping is a classic that you don’t need to track down Las Vegas strip clubs for.

One of the most common questions we receive is why in the world someone should book a private escort stripper when they can just go to the strip club. Now, we don’t want to harp on the strip clubs in town. Some really are the best in the world and the quality of girls you’ll find in these locations are off the charts. However, with all these beautiful women you have even more men. The clubs fill up, you might have to stand in line for far too long before entering, and even then, if you’re not constantly throwing cash in their direction the club stripper is just going to move on to the next guy. Can’t really blame them, it is their job, but do you want to really be fending off other guys for the one girl you have an eye on? Doesn’t really sound all that fun, and you’ll end up paying far more for a girl in a strip club than if you book your own escort. Plus, the girl is all yours when you go through our service.

Girlfriend Experience

Do you have a personalized experience you want to take in? Two of the most popular are the PSE and the GFE. PSE is the Porn Star Experience. Do you have a favorite porn star you’ve been interested in? Let us know…you never know who we can track down for you. We have our own list of porn stars who work as Las Vegas escorts, so we can connect you. Who knows, you might be able to live out your personal fantasy with your favorite porn star.

The Las Vegas GFE is a Girlfriend Experience. This is where the girl acts as your loving girlfriend. Maybe you’ve had trouble with girls, or you just can’t find one who gives you the kind of attention you deserve. This is a popular choice as it brings the sexy element of Las Vegas girls and mixes it with a loving, personal girlfriend. It’s hard to go wrong with this kind of service. The girlfriend experience is one of the most popular escort requests we have. Most men just want to be appreciated. It is tough to find that out in the world, no matter what you’ve done. We have men who have been married for decades that simply want a girlfriend experience for a few hours. It really just recharges their batteries, because it is something they just don’t receive in their current marriage. So, if you want to feel special, with a girl who is going to treat you as the most important guy in the world, well this really is worthy of checking out


Taking advantage of the girls direct to you service isn’t just for single guys. After all, if you’ve ever been to Vegas before, you know it is full of beautiful women taking in the sites. If you arrive with your girl, you don’t need to ditch her for a few hours. That usually doesn’t work as women tend to have a sixth sense regarding when guys have been with other girls (of course you smelling of strippers is a pretty keen give away as well). That is why there are specialized couple services as well.

So what kind of couples activities can you take advantage of when with a private escort? Really the same kind of services you would if you were on your own. Whether you decide to book one escort for the two of you to share or one for each, if there is something you’d like to do on your own, you can do it in the couples option. There are the couples massage Las Vegas services, which are popular. Both of you can receive a legendary massage service. Most men love to watch their wives or girlfriends rubbed down by a beautiful escort. After all, how often are you ever going to see something like this? Basically, if it sounds good to you, we can make it work.

Role Playing

Who doesn’t love a bit of role play? This is your chance to live out a few fantasies you’ve always wanted. Interested in some Las Vegas dominatrix sessions? That can be arranged. Perhaps you like it when women shame you, make fun of a small penis or treat you as a servant? Every guy has their thing, and we can make sure you realize it. Plus, there is the classic sugar daddy approach. Do you like to spoil your girls? There are plenty of girls who love this. After all, daddy isn’t the only one who needs a new pair of shoes. Just make sure you let the escort service know all of this when calling in the request.


The in room massage Las Vegas service has more available options than the best spas in the world. If you want an erotic massage Las Vegas experience, are hopping for that happy ending, or you’d like to finally experience a NURU massage, it all can be arranged. Now, one thing you should keep in mind is that a massage can get pretty messy. This is especially the case with the NURU massage, which uses water based lubricant. So, you might want to request some extra towels or sheets from the hotel ahead of time. Don’t worry. Hotels in Las Vegas are more than use to this. Just make sure to leave a tip for your maid at the end of the stay. They are often overlooked in the industry and work hard (especially in Las Vegas) to make the stay your best stay ever.

Corporate Events

Want to impress a client? Beautiful girls can never hurt. Escorts are able to service you with just about any kind of corporate event. In need of a private stripper? Not a problem. Perhaps you just need some arm candy for a dinner date or next to your convention stand. Whatever you need and whatever level of sex appeal is required, there are escorts ready to take your corporate event to new heights.

Personalized Experience

Perhaps what you’re looking for doesn’t completely fit into one of these categories. Not to worry, as private escorts can adapt, often on the fly. In Las Vegas there is always something to do, and we know many of our visitors are from different areas of the world, in town to take part in an event. Perhaps you checking out a movie convention and you’d really just like a girl to dress up with you. We not only have girls who will dress up, but we have girls who are probably big time fans of the shows you like as well. We can look through our girls to find that one perfect girl who will click with you perfectly. Even if you don’t want to dress up and just want to go, we’ll handle locating the girl for you. So, if you have a unique experience you’re looking for or a kind of event we haven’t outlined specifically, just give us a call and map out what you’re thinking. Our escorts will almost certainly be able to work with you.

This Time is About You

The time you spend in Las Vegas is all about you. Even if you’re in town for business, the time you spend away from the conference room is about enjoying life. Las Vegas really is a city of life. You’ll learn things about yourself you never knew, and you’ll have the fun you never knew you could have. This is why our private escorts are here, to help you truly experience the kind of fun and excitement you’ve been craving. Whether this is your first time in the city or your 100th, you can always take in a new, amazing experience with an escort. And with so many different incredible escorts to choose from, you’ll never have the same experience twice. So why not start right now?

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