Butt Naked Strippers

Ladies Who Love Getting Completly Naked

Have you ever gone to a strip club and discovered the girls working could only take their tops off? It's kind of frustrating, isn't it? After all, you're paying a cover charge and paying way too much for watered down booze. So why should you get a watered down strip show? Well stop paying for that kind of nonsense and get what you really want (and what you're paying for) with completely butt naked strippers. In Las Vegas it is available. All you need to do is book the nude girls for your event, bachelor party, or for your own personal enjoyment inside of a hotel room. 

A Las Vegas Strippers Primer For Visitors

In many cities and states around the country there are specific laws regarding the sale of alcohol and fully nude girls around you. In these locations a club that serves alcohol is not allowed to have fully nude strip shows. This is why the location requires the girls to keep their bottoms on. The fully nude locations of course then do not serve alcohol, which also means it is an 18+ club instead of a 21+ club. That's great if your an 18-year-old senior in high school, but it's also pretty awkward not only for the strippers but for everyone else in the club. And, in all honesty, who wants to go to a strip club without alcohol and instead drop $15 for a Red Bull? Nobody. 

In Las Vegas you can take advantage of strippers for hire and have a fully nude strip show while you also have alcohol in your hotel room or in clubs around the city. Because let's face it, a fully nude strip show with alcohol is always better than a half-nude strip show or no alcohol. 

Where To Book Private Strippers

When you want to book private strippers you'll want to go through a booking agency such as this. Never go through a third party posting website such as Craigslist (or something similar as Craigslist has cracked down on those kinds of bookings). When you book through a service like this you'll always know what the girl looks like and you'll have greater flexibility in the services you can request. Plus, when you work with an agency the agency has its reputation to uphold, which means it will strive to offer you exactly what you're looking for while working with the very best party strippers in the area. We've all been to strip clubs where the girls just hover during a lap dance and don't provide any real service. That's not what you're paying for. If you wanted a girl to never touch you you'd just go to Amsterdam and watch girls through glass doors. Instead, a private booking service will make sure you get the very best Las Vegas VIP service. 

What Can A Private Dancer Do For You

Think of it as the very best of Las Vegas strip clubs only in a private setting. It is a fully nude strip show where you can request the look and the style of dance ahead of time. You also won't have to deal with other individuals trying to steal the girl away from you, which is common place at strip clubs. You'll book the girl for your Las Vegas bachelor party or your private event and she'll be completely yours for the entire time. 

We Have Bachelor Party Packages Available Depending On The Size Of Your Group

If you're looking for a way to take your bachelor party to the next level and you want the very best lap dance Las Vegas can offer up, you'll want to take advantage of the Las Vegas bachelor party strippers available. 

To Have The Most Fun With Your Vegas Strippers Keep These Things In Mind:

  • Request the kinds of services you're interested in ahead of time
  • Be respectful of your girl. She's still human 
  • Consider booking more than one stripper for larger parties

VIP Service Always Includes Privacy And Discretion

One of the biggest concerns clients often have is discretion. They don't want their information getting out. Don't worry about that. Everything is handled with discretion. The safety and integrity of your personal information is of the highest priority. If you have further questions regarding how your information is handled make sure to ask during the booking process. 

Strippers In Las Vegas Can Also Offer Other Adult Entertainment

There are other forms of adult entertainment available through the booking agency. A sampling of these services include:

If there is something you'd like done or if you're looking for a specific service feel free to ask about what you're interested in. There's a good chance it can happen. Just make sure to ask about it prior to booking to make sure the right girl is selected to deliver the request.