Sensual Massage

Enjoy An Amazing Vegas Sensual Massage

There's something naturally sensual about a massage. You go into a spa, disrobe, lay on a table with minimal lighting under a thin sheet. The massage therapist then rubs your body down with an assortment of oils, their fingers touching areas of your body most significant others don't even touch. So even in its purest form, a massage is especially sensual, which is one of the draws to it. If you were to tell your wife or girlfriend that you were going out and going to pay a perfect stranger to rub down your naked body, well that wouldn't go over very well. You'd tell them don't worry, they're using massage oils with calming music in the background and just the right amount of pressure. That would just make things worse. But...if you say you're going to get a massage it's completely different. It's for health purposes (wink wink). Well, you should take advantage of all the health advantages a sensual massage offers the next time you're in Las Vegas. This takes your traditional massage and ratchets up the sensual level to 11. 

What Is Las Vegas Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is a bit more "adult" than your traditional massage. It still uses the oils and it still is offered by a professional. However, with this the sensual massage Las Vegas service is provided by a beautiful girl who also won't be wearing the same kind of boring clothing you see at a spa. She might be wearing a dress, a sexy nightgown, or nothing at all. It's kind of up to you. And with a sensual massage, disrobing to your "comfortable level" can be fully nude. 

Enjoy A Sensual Massage With Las Vegas Escorts For Couples

An erotic massage doesn't need to be just for you. You can enjoy it with your significant other as well. After all, if you're planning on visiting Las Vegas but you're doing so with your wife or girlfriend it doesn't mean you should be forced to miss out on a nude massage. In fact, it simply means you will want to book the Las Vegas couples massage service. 

Our Newest Sensual Massage: ASMR Massage

So what exactly is an ASMR massage? Well, you know that tingle sensation you get if someone whispers into your ear, or maybe from a subtle movement a person does close to your face? it feels like a feather runs down your spine while giving you goosebumps? Well that's what ASMR is. And an ASMR massage specializes in this kind of experience. It is often less about a deep tissue massage or really working your body and more about giving you those tingle feelings. Of course, each person experiences different kinds of tingles and have different tingle triggers. You're might be from slight touching, or it might be for whispering in your ears, even gentle moaning in your ears. If you've never had ASMR before you may have no idea. But don't worry, your escort will help you figure it out. 

Are There Other Body Rubs I Should Try With My Vegas Escort?

Sure, there are all kinds of massages. Some of these available massages include:

  • Erotic massage
  • NURU massage
  • Nude massage
  • Couples massage
  • Asian massage

If you want to know more specifics make sure to check out our other pages on the individual massages. You can also give us a call and ask about the massages and other services you might have interest in. Our Las Vegas escort service is happy to help in any and every way possible. 

How Do I Make Sure I Get The Best Sensual Massage In Las Vegas?

Don't fret. Sometimes individuals will be tense when the escort arrives. It leaves their muscles tight and causes them to be a bit too nervous. It can be exciting to experience such a service, but you don't need to be tense. If your body is going to react a certain way to a sensual massage let it. Don't be worried about it. After all, the massage is all about helping you relax. 

Is My Information Safe If I Book With An Escort Service?

Yes, it is extremely safe. Your information will never be handed out, sold, or even stored for long. After your service is complete your information will be destroyed. So someone could break into our facility and steal all off our paperwork a few months after your service and there will be no record of you ever booking a service. Naturally we take precautions to prevent this kind of situation from happening as well, but we want you to be perfectly at ease. Nobody will ever know about your escort service unless you tell them about your escort service. 

What Other Adult Entertainment Do Couples Enjoy In Vegas?

There are all kinds of adult activities you can take part in. The two of you can head out to a strip club (you'd be surprised just how much additional attention you'll receive when you enter with a woman). You can book an in-room escort service. Or you can simply enjoy the games at one of the world class casinos.