NURU Massage

Maximize Your Vegas Sta With A NURU Massage

There's nothing like kicking back and relaxing with your own massage. Especially when it takes place inside your own hotel room, and when it is done by a beautiful woman. But what if all that could get better. How? Well strip down all the clothing and have her massage your body with her body. Peaked your interest? Of course it did. But you can't just head on out to your local spa and ask for the NURU. Doesn't generally work that way. They might send you out to that Asian massage parlor in town that's part of a strip mall and nobody ever seems to walk in or out of. Even if you can get a kind of NURU massage there, there's simply nothing like a Las Vegas NURU massage. 

What Exactly Is A NURU Massage Anyways

NURU is a form of Japanese massage. Because lets face it, when it comes to adult related NSFW massages and other fetish-friendly services, it's almost always Japanese (than you Japan). The oil itself is derived from seaweed in order to ensure it doesn't have any smell. Of course, a number of massage oils are now used (or can be used), so it's possible what is used with you does have some sort of aroma. However, many girls who provide the body rubs tend to go odorless as there are a number of individuals who just don't like the aroma. This is a water-based oil, so it's not going to stick to clothing and ruin bedsheets. It is rather thick though as it allows for the movement of two bodies on one another. It also helps with the transfer of heat. One of the benefits of such a Las Vegas soapy massage is the woman's body heat will transfer to yours and help loosen up the muscles. So there is some therapeutic aspect to the Las Vegas Asian massage.

The Ultimate Body Rub Experience In Las Vegas

When you want the ultimate body rub experience while visiting Las Vegas you owe it to yourself to book a NURU massage. There are other intimate massage experiences in Vegas. There are even other nude options. But the NURU massage Las Vegas is offering is just on a totally different level. You are fully nude and so is your escort. You can go with Asian escorts or anyone else you might be interested in. You'll then treat each other's body like a Slip'N'Slide. Everything you learned as a kid will be coming to fruition now as an adult. And trust us, it is well worth it. 

The Benefits Of A Wet Massage In Las Vegas

Well first, it's something you can't get anywhere else. Even if your local Asian massage parlor dive has something similar, it won't have the caliber of women offering you the massage. With the wet massage the woman's body heat will work on your body, softening up and loosening up the muscles. Think of it like a hot stone massage, the woman just uses her body as the hot stones. And trust us, the parts she'll be using are so much better than rocks. 

NURU Massage Is On Your Bucket List For A Reason

If you've heard of a NURU massage in Las Vegas it is obviously on your bucket list. Having a woman glide around your body using nothing but oil is a thing of dreams. Dreams you've been having since you were 13. You might say that this is one of the oldest bucket list items you've had. And now you can finally live out the fantasy with this nude massage the next time you're in Vegas. 

What Else Should You Know About Your NURU Massage Girl

You know what a NURU massage is and that both of you are naked. That's about all you really need to know. We'd recommend showering prior simply because a day out in the desert sun can get the body a bit funky. So we'd say shower ahead of time for maximum enjoyment (for both you and her). Outside of that, when looking for a NURU massage just make sure to check out the services each girl provides. Some girls don't offer the service and others specialize in it. 

Feel Safe When You Book With Us

Perhaps you don't want the folks back home learning you received a NURU massage. You have some in-laws who might want to murder you if that happens to go down. Well that's the last thing we want to happen to you, so don't worry. Your information is as safe with us as it can be. That's because we don't keep it and destroy the records after the service is complete.

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