Happy Ending Massage

May Your Massage Be A Happy One

There are all kinds of massage options out there. There's Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, sports massages, and so on. However, one massage type you won't find on the local spa menu is a happy ending. But trust us, it does exist. Where are you suppose to go to receive the mythical massage? Well an in room massage Las Vegas service can help you figure this one out. 

What Is A Happy Ending Massage?

Curious about what a happy ending massage is? Let's just say a happy ending massage Las Vegas experience is something that's going to leave you completely satisfied and with a smile on your face. And if you're a smoker you may just need a cigarette at the conclusion of it as well (just make sure to book yourself a smoking approved hotel room). What exactly is going to leave you satisfied, relaxed, and completely depleted for a few moments? Well, use your imagination. We have a good feeling you've been personally doing something that's left you feeling this way since you were a young teenager. And if you still aren't sure, well don't worry, just talk to your outcall massage professional. She'll know exactly what you're talking about. And then you'll be left both surprised and with a fantastically happy ending. 

Why Is Happy Ending Massage So Popular?

Receiving a massage is already a fantastic experience. You have someone rubbing your body from the head down to your toes and sliding their fingers just about everywhere else. The only thing that would make the massage better is if the one area most professional massage therapists don't touch is touched and worked over. That's enough to take it over the edge and to make a Las Vegas happy ending massage that much better. Few guys on the planet have had the ability to experience not only a regular happy ending massage, but one given by one of the beautiful massage girls in Las Vegas. At this point it is almost more fantasy massage than anything else. 

How Do I Find The Best Happy Ending Massage Near Me?

Here's the thing. You can't just go out and start asking locations if they offer a Las Vegas happy finish massage. That's not really how it goes. You'll either be hung on or told "No!" and then informed to never call again. And do you really want to role the dice on booking a massage and asking your massage therapist if they can offer such a service right in the middle of it? Yes, they've been asked before, and yes, it makes the rest of the massage awkward when they say no. And if there's one thing you probably don't want it is an awkward massage when you're stripped down and laying face first on a table. 

You also don't want to start looking for a happy ending Las Vegas massage on websites like Craigslist. First, Craigslist has stopped providing specific tabs and sections on the website that cater to this kind of service, but if you look deep enough you'll find something. Probably is you have no idea who might show up for the massage and if they're even good at it. No, you want to book a professional. The best way to do this is to contact an escort and nude massage service and, when reserving a service and selecting the girl to your room that you'd like, ask about this kind of addition. It's safe to ask when making this kind of reservation and you'll be told specifically how to move forward with it. 

What Can I Expect When I Book A Happy Ending Massage?

If you booked a happy ending massage than that's exactly what you'll get. The happy ending is straight forward, so there aren't any big surprises. However, the happy ending is usually at the end of a longer massage. This way, if you want to book a nude massage, an Asian massage, or some other combination, you'll receive that part of the massage first. The happy ending, as the name suggests, will come at the end (as will you). 

 How Do I Get The Most From My Happy Ending Massage Experience?

Just sit back and relax. The massage girls will do the rest. This is your time.

Will My Information Be Safe When I Book With Your Massage Service?

Yes. You will never be contacted after the massage, you won't receive any emails, mailing documents, and any billing on credit cards will appear as something else. So don't worry, your information will never get out. 

What Other Services Are Available?

Looking for more services? Others you can book include:

  • Personal escort
  • Girlfriend experience
  • Variety of massage services
  • Much, much more

If there's something you're interested in and you're wondering if it is available, make sure to ask when booking your massage girl or escort. This way you can arrange for it prior to finishing your booking.