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How To Pick The Right Massage Style

Written by BootyBoxxx Staffer

briannaThe word massage usually has people thinking about going to a spa to have a relaxing session. It does not, however, need to involve the processes that are conducted at these establishments. Hiring a personal masseuse is an option available if you want to try new things while getting pampered. Here are some tips to help you pick the right style for your needs.

Know The Reason For Your Session

Are you feeling overwhelmed and just need a session where relaxation is the focus of your needs? Or are you more interested in having your muscles kneaded to reduce pain and discomfort in your body? Perhaps you would like to use the massage session as a means to have a woman touch you intimately. Massage by a personal escort involves touching the body to invigorate the senses which leads to a satiated feeling. If you are into ASMR, this can also be accomplished through the power of massage. Let your escort know exactly what type of experience you wish to have before she shows up at your home or hotel room. This way she will be dressed appropriately, she will bring along the right tools for the session, and she will know how to act when she arrives so you have the best session possible.

Select The Person To Do The Job

In a spa setting, you are limited when it comes to who would be giving you a massage. Even if you can select your particular masseuse, they have rules to adhere to in this type of atmosphere. At home or in your hotel room with a personal masseuse, these rules are not in place. Pretty much anything goes, giving you the freedom to pick out what type of experience you want with exactly who you wish to provide it to you. When you turn to an escort business for massage services, you have the power of selecting the exact woman who will be touching your body. You'll have the advantage of sifting through profiles and pictures of available massage artists so you can find a woman that interests you. When you find one that you find attractive and interesting, give her a call to find out about her availability.

The Atmosphere Is Yours To Control

Massage style goes hand in hand with the atmosphere of the area where it will be performed. If you want to relax, subduing the lighting and using soft music can put you in the right frame of mind. If you are more interested in having a sexual or tantric experience with your masseuse, you might want to have louder, faster music and brightly-hued lighting to set the tone. Take the time to prepare the atmosphere before your masseuse arrives. Make sure to have props available to enhance your session if necessary. Your masseuse will most likely come prepared with tools of her own, but it is always welcome to have enhancements that help boost your mood and get you ready for a session full of fun and fantasy if this is what you desire.