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Why Escorts Love Comedy Clubs

Written by BootyBoxxx Staffer

16Have you ever been to a comedy club? Have you ever hired an escort? Have you ever mixed these two scenarios together, or even thought about it? Most people think about going to a comedy club with friends or family members, not with someone they have never met before. Most people hire escorts and then wonder where to go and how to spend time with her without it feeling totally awkward. Mixing these two very different types of entertainment may be the best thing you have tried in a very long time!

An Escort Will Allow You To Be Yourself

If you have gone to a comedy club in the past, you may have felt a bit uncomfortable laughing at some jokes the comedian had told if you had someone else along with you...especially if the routine was about something sexual in nature. You may have felt that your laughing indicated you had personal experience with the scenario the comedian was portraying. Bringing an escort is an option that allows you to laugh at anything you want without feeling shame or embarrassment whatsoever. Your escort does not know your background, and she will laugh along with you! Enjoy watching and laughing without the unnecessary drama.

Entertainment Is Shared With Someone You'll Enjoy Spending Time With

Why go to a comedy club all alone? You won't have anyone around to explain jokes to you if you happen to not understand them. You won't have someone to share the experience with. You will feel terrible sitting by yourself without someone to converse with when you wish. Hiring an escort takes care of all of that, and gives you the bonus of having someone attractive at your side throughout the evening. Make an appointment to meet your date, sit down and read over the material provided by the comedy club so you can prepare for the show, and kick back, relax, and laugh the night away. Afterward, you can go out and celebrate the night in style in the city or in seclusion if you want some alone action with your pretty woman.

You'll Have The Knowledge Of More To Come

Laughter naturally triggers the endorphins in your body, giving you an overall sense of wellness. The lifting of your spirits will make you want to continue your evening out with your date in tow, to discuss the show and keep the happiness alive for as long as possible. You have most likely been sitting next to your escort thinking about what can happen when the show comes to an end. She will accompany you wherever you want! There's a good time to be had, and they can be done out and about in the city, or back at your home or hotel room away from the crowd. The night belongs to you and it could go in any direction you wish. Enjoy your show with the knowledge that the pretty girl sitting next to you will be yours for the rest of the evening to enjoy.