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Why Escort Are More Preferable Than Having a Girlfriend

Written by BootyBoxxx Staff


Your girlfriend will not understand your tight schedule

Every girl wants to become the most important thing in their boyfriend’s life and expects the guy to treat her as such. This is why if you are not ready for that, there is no point getting involved with a girl when there are professional escorts that can offer you all what your girlfriend will give you. They will only come around whenever you need them and leave when you get busy.

Escorts offer a wide variety

When you are dating a girl, you can’t enjoy yourself with other girls. So, dating a girl means you will only have one girl except if you plan to cheat on her or if you are a celebrity. That is a big restriction. But hiring an escort gives you access to numerous girls as you can hire one today and hire another one tomorrow. In fact, you can ask more than one of them at the same time.

When Floyd Mayweather was asked why he has about seven girlfriends instead of just one do you know his simple response? He said having just one girlfriend is too close to having none. He was talking about having variety of them. When it comes to dating, you can’t really get what you want because it requires double coincidence. The lady that you like also has to like you too. So, you may eventually get to settle the lady that is available and not who you really want. But you can choose the particular call girl that you want and she will be all yours.

No certainty

You can ask a girl out and even call her regularly and she won’t still say yes. Imagine trying to woo a lady for several weeks and you keep getting a no. Why not stop wasting your time? Go for an escort. In fact, what physical attributes does the lady have that you can’t get among escorts? So, you should stop ridiculing yourself by chasing a lady that is just not into you. There are numerous alternatives.

No reciprocation of gesture

With your girlfriend, you can’t be on the receiving end all the time. She expects you to reciprocate all her gestures too. For instance, if she gives you a massage today, she expects you to do the same for her tomorrow. Apart from the fact that most escorts are professionally trained to give massage, they do not expect to receive it in return.

In fact, most girls date because of what is in it for them so they expect to receive more. In other words, you will have to make more sacrifice. This is the reverse with escorts.

Your girlfriend is your responsibility

While your girlfriend is your responsibility, you are your escort’s responsibility. Your girlfriend expects you to always think of ways to make her happy while your escort will always look for ways to impress you. She is ready to go the extra mile to make you happy.

Whether you like it or not, your girlfriend is your boss. On the other hand, you are your escort’s boss. So, which one really pays?

Having a girlfriend is more expensive

Initially, it may seem like having a girlfriend is cheaper but on the long run, you will realize that having an escort is much cheaper. You will take your girlfriend out regularly. You will call her regularly. You will send her birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and Valentine gifts among others. If you sit down and add all the cost together, it will amount to a lump sum of money.

What about your time? You will also have little or no time to yourself. When you are taking her out, it will be to where she likes not where you like. If care is not taken, you won’t have time for any of your friends anymore. After all these sacrifices, she can dump you for someone else probably because you made a little mistake or because the other guy is hotter and richer than you. So, is it really worth it?

What about the emotional part of it? Do you know how it hurts when your girlfriend dumps you for someone else? Now, add all the cost together. Do you still think having a girlfriend is cheaper?

Constant availability

Your girlfriend cannot be available to you all the time. This is not the case for escorts. They are always at your beck and call. No matter where you are in Las Vegas, she will always be ready to meet you there. Besides, she can escort you to any outing. Just give her a call and she will be on her way.

Girls will assess you

When asking a girl out, she does not only consider your words, she also considers your look. To boost your chances of winning the heart of any girl, you have to be good looking and you should also be physically fit even if you don’t have 6 packs yet. However, escorts do not consider all that. Just order the service and an escort will be on her to your location.

Why visitors to Las Vegas need escorts even more

If you are a visitor in Las Vegas, then you need escorts even more because they will be of offer more benefits to you. Most of them have lived in the Sin City for years and they know the best restaurants, hotels and night clubs in the city. They also know the ones that offer the best deals. So, they can act as your tour guide.

Some girls are multilingual. So, if you are coming to Las Vegas from a country where English is not your first language, no problem. Some of these escorts can help you with communication at no additional cost. That way, language will not be a barrier for you.

If you are on official trip, you will likely retire to your room every evening already tired. Your escorts can help you relax with massage sessions and some other romantic activities. Sometimes, being in your hotel room alone can be boring. So, she will keep your company all your days.

With your girlfriend in the same room with you, you may never be able to concentrate on office work until she falls asleep. And that is if she doesn’t sleep off on your chest. But once you let your escort know that you want to get busy, she will excuse you. She will remain in the room quietly without causing distractions for you.

In conclusion, dating should only be for those that are ready for the commitments and sacrifices involved. If you are not ready for that, then you are better off with escorts.