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What It Really Means To Get An Asian Massage

Written by BootyBoxxx Staffer2

happy ending massageThe ideas that surround an Asian massage especially an Asian massage Las Vegas style have led to many jokes and puns about what it really means to partake in this kind of activity. However, for those unaware of what occurs with an Asian massage, then take note a lot of these types of massages supposedly have a ‘happy ending’ ahem, if you know what I mean.

That, of course, can quite often be a myth among men. What Actually Happens During An Asian Massage may surprise you. For example, many of these types of massages occur with the individual receiving the bodywork fully clothed.

An Asian massage is actually more of a holistic journey to help one heal the body. There are a variety of types of massage treatments based on a plethora of different cultural aspects.

Take the Japanese massage called Amma. This practice was introduced to Japan by a Chinese Buddhist priest and involves working through acupuncture points, ligaments and muscles in the body with strong pressure and deep tissue massage work.

There’s also what is known as Ayurveda, which is a type of massage that derives from India. With this type of massage it involves focusing on specific areas of energy as well as the use of oils, herbs and even having the individual receiving the massage participate in yoga practices. There is what is known as the Indian Head Massage. I know what you’re thinking, and it actually is when the human head is massaged using essential oils.

Other types of bodywork therapy that Actually Occurs During An Asian Massage is that of Reiki massage. It is a massage therapy that is derived from Japan and focuses on a ‘life force’ within one’s body. The training for this type of massage therapy is very intense and doesn’t even involve that much physical contact.

A Reiki massage therapist works by running their hands over major energy spots both on the front and backsides of a client. The client must be willing to receive the energy that is transferred by the massage therapist in order for the practice to work. It’s considered one of the more unique styles of an Asian massage.

If you’re not a fan of needles, then be sure to avoid the Shiatsu Japanese style of massage therapy. This is one of the oldest practices and most well known of the Asian massage therapies. With Shiatsu, a therapist can use everything from their fingers or thumbs and palms to their elbows, knees and even feet to massage a client on various ‘energy lines,’ which area also known as meridians in the practice.

The art of Shiatsu can also be combined with acupuncture; hence, those with fear of needles would do best to skip this type of practice.

Other types of Asian Massage Therapies That Can Actually Occur during an appointment are that of Thai massage. This is the style of Asian massage that really works the kinks out in your body and can be physically demanding from the client of the massage as well. If you’re looking to just sit back and relax, a Thai massage probably isn’t the one for you although the phenomenal healing effects on the body following this type of massage can do wonders for an individual with chronic pain and stress.

Thai massage commonly occurs on the floor with an individual fully clothed and lying on something similar to a yoga mat. The Thai massage therapist will then work the client into various yoga poses and stretches. The therapist will also guide the client with breathing exercise. The idea here is to release areas of energy as well as tension to provide the client with a full-body experience.

While the list of various types of Asian massages can go on and on depending on what style most suits your needs, don’t hesitate in booking one and getting exactly what you need especially now that you have a better understanding of this practice.