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Vegas Escort Confessions

Written by BootyBoxxx Staff

escort confessions

What is Your Typical Day Like?

Typically, I get to pick and choose when I want to meet with my clients. If I have a client on a particular day I will spend several hours getting ready for my date. I want each of my clients to feel special and so I prepare myself for going out and having a good time while I am with them.

What are Some of Your Favorite Things to Do with a Client?

I really love going out on intimate dates with my clients. While I do enjoy a good club scene, I find it more fun to go out to dinner and really get to know my client. During this time the conversation can be fun and uplifting and I just love getting to know new people on a personal level. I will say that I really do enjoy a good dance club and love to just go out and have some fun dancing as well. Really, I am up for anything at any time and love it when my client decides what we are going to do. However, if you are not sure about what we should do with our time together I always have something to suggest as well.

What are Some Bizarre Things that you have Encountered?

I am a very open minded individual and because of that I do not really think too much about odd requests. I honestly feel that some of the “odd” requests are just something that makes each individual unique. I love hearing about and trying to fulfill fantasies for my clients.

I love the fact that I am capable of getting almost anyone to open up to me about their dreams and fantasies. The fact of the matter is, many of my clients have the same fantasies and so requests do not seem weird or bizarre at all.

What is Your Favorite Part of the Job?

I honestly love everything about what I do. I love the fact that I can pick and choose my clients. There are times when I talk to someone and know that I am just not the right escort for them and that is okay. Often when this happens I have a friend who would be a better fit that I can recommend. In addition, I honestly just really love the fact that I can help people live out a fantasy or dream that they have. This is really an honor and I truly love it when my clients let their hair down and really open up with me. Getting to know so many people is truly an inspiration.

When it comes down to it, escorts are just women who love meeting new people and love spending time out and about in Las Vegas having fun. These women truly aim to please and most of us really just enjoy what we do.